Qualifications - What we do

We work with employers and qualification developers to make sure that qualifications meet the needs of the sector.

Our work covers three main areas:

Approving qualifications

We are the only organisation licensed by government to:

Approve qualifications on behalf of the finance, accounting and financial services sector for inclusion on the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF). We approve competence qualifications (SVQs and CBQs) in Scotland on behalf of the finance, accounting and financial services sector.

A full list of qualifications we have approved are available from the links below:

Qualification funding

We work with funding agencies such as the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) to make sure that the qualifications which meet the needs of the sector are prioritised for public funding. For more information about funded qualifications please access the SFA's Learning Aims Database.


We carry out independent research across our sectors to identify the skills shortages and how best to meet these shortages through qualification development. This is outlined in our strategies for qualification development which are available from the links below:

For historical reasons, some of our documents will continue to keep our former FSSC name.


Who to contact?

Lynn Bryson
Financial Skills Partnership
Qualifications and Policy Manager
E: [email protected]
: 0845 618 2368 




Tel : 020 7367 9542

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