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Union members value Directions as an impartial partner for online information on careers in finance, accountancy and financial services.  Union Learning Representatives and individuals can find information on the sectors, the skills and qualities that employers are looking for, job profiles and case studies.   Additionally we provide information on types of qualifications and a job search guide.

For organisations, the services which we offer include:

Careers guideDirections provides specialist information on careers in finance, accountancy and financial services.  We offer tools such as our interactive online ‘High Street’, profiling over 75 separate jobs in our sector.

Education and Corporate Social Responsibility services – we help attract a talent pipeline by supporting firms to cultivate proactive engagement strategies with local education providers.

Recruitment services – we work collaboratively with firms across finance, accountancy and financial services to identify pools of talent that meet their future recruitment needs.

In 2009, Directions received the unionlearn Quality Award.  This is given to providers and organisations that are committed to working with trade unions and can demonstrate that unions and union learners are considered in the design, development and delivery of courses and programmes.  We have been proactive in consulting with trade unions in the development of Directions and in our widespread efforts to make it a high quality resource which is accessible to potential learners from trade unions.

Tom Wilson, Director of unionlearn, said: “By working together with the Sector Skills Councils, trades unions and union learning representatives can ensure that the focus of the skills agenda includes employees as well as employers, in employment-led programmes.”

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