Careers & Higher Education Employers Panel

Careers and Higher Education Employers Panel

The Careers and Higher Education Employers Panel is managed by the FSP and includes individuals from organisations representing the industry. The purpose of the Panel is to

Provide the industry voice on careers in the financial services, accountancy and finance industry and its professions, via Directions - the FSP Careers Information Service'

Activities of the Panel include:

  • Identifying the key priorities on which Directions should focus its activities 
  • Consulting on the Directions strategy and action plan
  • Feeding back on developments of the Directions service 
  • Supporting the development of careers materials, through consultation and feedback
  • Leading on the review and development of job profiles, through feedback 
  • Approving job profiles, when they have been written by the FSP or another body
  • Signposting to their individual organisations careers resources (video/narrative etc) and negotiating approval for the FSP to use on the Directions website 
  • Offering support for FSP events for Careers Advisers, teachers etc through offering a venue, volunteering to speak etc, where possible and appropriate
  • Acting as an ambassador of Directions

Management and Administration
The FSP will manage and chair the Panel meetings and will provide secretariat support. The FSP offices will be used for the Panel meetings or the FSP will source an appropriate venue. The Panel are welcome to suggest venues.

Joining the Panel
The Panel welcomes new members to join, supporting the purpose of the Panel.

The FSP will communicate updates, minutes and other documentation via email and meetings.

Jenny Barber, Head of Education and Careers, FSP
[email protected]
0845 618 2370



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