Statement of service

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Directions offers:


For individuals: support in finding out about careers in finance, accountancy and financial services, through a free online careers guide. 
For employers: platforms whereby their voice can be heard and services to facilitate access to new pools of talented workers, trainees and interns. 
For advice and guidance professionals: support in keeping their knowledge of careers and qualifications related to finance, accountancy and financial services up-to-date.



Service users can expect:


Up-to-date, relevant and accessible careers information.
An impartial and objective careers guide.

Clear signposting to other relevant resources.



Services we do not provide:


Individual advice and guidance.
Help with individual CVs, job applications and job search.






Directions is available for all to use.
  Please contact us on 0845 618 2370 or [email protected] to discuss any accessibility requirements.



Tel : 020 7367 9542

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