Directions in Northern Ireland

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Northern Ireland is a developing force in finance, accountancy and financial services. The following material has been created the importance of the sector in the country but also its influence over the entire UK economy.


        Financial Services in Northern Ireland
        Banking in Northern Ireland
        Insurance in Northern Ireland 


We created these maps to help you understand the academic and professional qualifications you will need to enter the industry and to progress your career in the professional areas listed below:

  Actuarial (pdf)   Fund administration (pdf)
  Branch management (pdf)   Insurance broking (pdf)
  Business banking (pdf)   Internal audit (pdf)
  Claims management (pdf)   Investment analysis (pdf)
  Compliance (pdf)   Mortgage advice (pdf)
  Corporate finance (pdf)   Management consultancy (pdf)
  Credit risk (pdf)   Public Sector accountancy (pdf)
  Customer service (pdf)   Risk management (pdf)
  Financial advice & planning (pdf)   Sales (pdf)
  Financial control (pdf)   Technology (pdf)
These job profiles give you information about typical tasks, competencies and qualities required, useful knowledge and experience, entry and professional qualifications, salaries
  Actuarial (pdf)   Financial control (pdf)
  Bookkeeping (pdf)   Fund administration (pdf)
  Branch management (pdf))   Insurance broking (pdf)
  Business banking (pdf)   Internal audit (pdf)
  Claims management (pdf)   Investment analysis (pdf)
  Compliance (pdf)   Investment management (pdf)
  Corporate finance (pdf)   Management accountancy (pdf)
  Credit risk (pdf)   Management consultancy (pdf)
  Customer service (pdf)   Mortgage advice (pdf)
  Debt management (pdf)   Public Sector accountancy (pdf)
  Debt recovery management (pdf)   Relationship management (pdf)
  E-commerce (pdf)   Risk management (pdf)
  External audit (pdf)   Sales (pdf)
  Financial accountancy (pdf)   Technology (pdf)
  Financial advice & planning (pdf)   Treasury (pdf)



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