Introduction to developing an apprenticeship framework

Introduction to developing an apprenticeship framework

At the centre of apprenticeships is the need to address a skills gap in the workforce. The Financial Skills Partnership (FSP) has developed and issued a broad range of frameworks which employers can adopt within their organisations. We actively encourage other organisations who wish to develop their own apprenticeships to contact the FSP to discuss the ways in which this can be achieved.

What is an apprenticeship framework?

An apprenticeship framework is a document which covers all the statutory requirements for an apprenticeship programme in England or Wales. Frameworks are used by colleges, employers and training providers to make sure that all apprenticeship programmes are delivered consistently and therefore to national standards. The framework includes the names of all qualifications and their credit value. The Framework also gives guidance on how to get onto an apprenticeship programme, the time it will take and career paths available upon completion. Frameworks cover hundreds of occupations. To find out more about which frameworks are available visit the Frameworks library.

Find out more about the statutory requirements of frameworks for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Issuing authorities

The FSP is central to the development process. We are designated by the Secretary of State as the Issuing Authority for apprenticeships in the finance, accountancy and financial services industry. In order to make an apprenticeship framework available for funding consideration by the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) in England and the and the Department for Children, Education, Lifelong Learning and Skills (DCELLS), each apprenticeship framework needs to be 'issued' by the FSP. Funding decisions are made by the SFA and DCELLS.

As an issuing authority, the FSP reviews apprenticeship frameworks to ensure that they are


Apprenticeship Frameworks Online (AFO)

The AFO enables developing organisations to submit an expression of interest to the FSP of their intention to develop a framework. The apprenticeship is then developed using the AFO, and the FSP will review the framework to ascertain whether it meets the defined standards. When the FSP is satisfied, we will 'issue' the framework on the AFO, making it available for funding consideration by the SFA and DCELLS.

Support in developing an apprenticeship framework

Organisations can benefit from the FSP's expertise and experience in developing quality apprenticeship frameworks. Our in-depth understanding of SASE and SASW, competence and knowledge qualifications, and national occupational standards makes us the ideal partner to support organisations in talent attraction and development initiatives. Involve us early in the framework development process to maximise our expertise. Contact Jenny Barber to discuss costs and services.

Transparency is important to us, and therefore the support for developing an apprenticeship framework will be from someone different to the designated IA within the FSP. This will ensure that there is no conflict of interest.

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