We’ve currently completed a large-scale programme of research on the market for labour and skills in the accountancy and finance sector.

The work highlights areas where existing provision of training does not fully meet the sector’s current and future needs.

What does this programme of research consist of?

Current reports


What does this programme of research consist of?

This research is designed to address the major skills challenges facing the UK and ensure that employers can access the range and level of skills they need in order to achieve and maintain their organisations’ effectiveness and competitiveness at global level.

This programme will consist of the following phases:

Phase 1: Assessment of the skills needed today and tomorrow
Phase 2: Understanding the current supply of skills provision
Phase 3: Analysis of gaps in provision and impact review of highlighted deficiencies
Phase 4: Assessment of potential collaborative action plans, strategies or solutions or how employers would engage skills development to improve business performance and what initiatives they would be likely to subscribe to
Phase 5: Development of action plans for the accountancy and finance sector and key stakeholders

The research will be a key mechanism for identifying and articulating industry priorities in addressing these goals: it gives employers a powerful voice in directing public investment in skills and making sure it matches their needs.


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Current reports

Phase 1: Skills needs analysis, current and future




Download (pdf, 1.2MB)


Phase 2: Assessment of training and skills provision




Download (pdf, 2.5MB)



FSSC - Skills Review:
Accountancy and Finance
Gap Analysis - Scotland

This report presents the results of a comprehensive research programme which set out to assess the gaps in training and skills provision in Scotland among finance practitioners and accountancy firms.

Skills review report (pdf, 874KB)


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