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This section provides dedicated information to support you in providing up-to-date advice about career opportunities in the sectors.


"I think the Directions website is an excellent resource for students and graduates who are exploring the complex career opportunities available within the financial services sector as it helps to understand the variety of roles, sectors and organisations out there."

Debra Henson, Careers Adviser, University of Nottingham

  Industry Outlook

Updated monthly the ‘Industry Outlook’ provides updates from industry authorities on current issues and developments.


  Careers options

The sectors employ over 2 million people in the UK and have a surprising diversity of career options. Follow our ultimate insiders guide.



The industry employs well qualified and highly skilled people. Find out about the relevant qualifications.

Accountancy and finance qualifications 
Financial services qualifications


  Financial Education Partnership (FEP) in scotland

We work with the Financial Education Partnership (FEP) to ensure that schools, colleges and universities in Scotland can access careers workshops and the latest Directions resources.  


  Lesson plans

Access the exclusive and specialist resources we have developed to support you in delivering careers workshops, in a convenient downloadable format.


  Events for advice professionals

We provide continuing professional development (CPD) sessions, workshop material and a regular networking forum.

Our regular events for information, advice and guidance professionals provides an opportunity for you to extend your undertsanding about the sectors. You'll get a chance to network wih employers and ensure that your knowledge is up-to-date.

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