Advised Sales

National Occupational Standards for Advised Sales

This Standard provides a benchmark for Training & Competence. Companies will be able to use it to design training programmes according to their company needs, and it will provide a basis for the design of external provision by training providers. The Standard may also be used within qualifications, either in their own right, or as part of existing awards, such as those for sales persons.

Background information

It is a legal requirement for companies to be authorised by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) to sell or provide free, or advise on, insurance products.

This Standard consists of one unit: Assist Customers to Obtain Appropriate Insurance and it applies across different industries and different retail contexts to assist people who sell, or advise customers on general insurance products.

It has been developed to indicate the level of competence required, depending on individual circumstances, to meet FSA regulations related to general insurance business. It covers advised selling as well as non-advised selling.

The National Occupational Standards

The National Occupational Standards for Advised Sales can be downloaded below.

Given that the constituent unit: Assist Customers to Obtain Appropriate Insurance was approved in 2005, an incremental review will be necessary soon - to ensure that its content remains topical and relevant. We will be inviting practitioners to get involved in this process.

Further information

For further information about these NOS, please contact the NOS team by emailing [email protected] or calling 0845 618 2379.

Your feedback

We welcome feedback on the National Occupational Standards which we have produced. If you would like to comment on the NOS for Advised Sales, please complete and return the feedback form (which can be downloaded below) to [email protected].




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