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  Directions is your impartial partner for online information on careers in finance, accountancy and financial services. We work closely with employers to provide accurate and relevant information to individuals wanting enter or progress their career in the sectors.

We offer:

  Online careers guide

Research career options using our job profiles, films and our interactive online High Street profiling over 75 jobs.

  Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for advice and guidance professionals

We offer training for advice and guidance professionals to help them develop their understanding and knowledge on careers in the sectors, thereby supporting them in providing guidance to their students and clients. For more information visit our services for advice and guidance professionals.

  Education liaison services

We take finance, accountancy and financial services directly to students by delivering careers workshops and events.


Directions in the press


Directions often features in trade and specialist press publications.  To view the articles visit the FSP’s Latest News. For press queries contact the Directions team.


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