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Northern Ireland


Northern Ireland Action plan  

Northern Ireland - Action plan

This document outlines key Northern Ireland deliverables from the various FSP directorates, in support of the NI Sector Skills Agreement. 

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The FSP has been carrying out skills related market research with over 200 financial services employers in Northern Ireland.  Once this research has been finalised we will be developing a Sector Skills Agreement and Action plan to support Northern Ireland's ambitions in financial services.

Members & Partners

The FSP in Northern Ireland (NI) is engaged with partners who are working to address skills issues for financial services in Northern Ireland.  These include organisations such as the NI Government, Invest NI, Careers Service NI, Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency, and The Alliance of Sector Skills Councils for NI.

Sector statistics

In terms of UK activity, the sector in Northern Ireland (NI) is small. However, it has been growing rapidly over the last decade as the peace plan has created a climate of greater stability and economic optimism. Businesses have been encouraged to expand, invest and locate in NI and this has caused major improvements in the NI economy. The financial services in NI produces 1% of all output and employs 2% of the workforce.  Northern Ireland's financial services industry is dominated by banking, which employs almost two-thirds (64%) of all financial services staff.  Northern Ireland also displays higher than average reliance on insurance broking and credit granting, which, taken together, contribute another 20% to industry employment. The financial services industry in NI is expected to grow over the next five years and the FSP intends to offer robust support to the NI sector during this period.



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