Professional Competencies

We have developed Professional Competencies (National Occupational Standards) in a wide range of occupational areas including Accountancy and Finance, Credit Management, Providing Financial Advice & Financial Planning, Risk Management for the Financial Sector and Providing Advice on Securities & Derivatives.  The Professional Competencies describe what a person needs to do, know and understand in their job to carry out their role in a consistent and competent way and they have a variety of uses including providing a ‘check list’ for drawing up person specifications and job descriptions, helping to inform the development of training programmes and providing guidance for career paths and career changers.

How we work with the unions

We consult on our draft Professional Competencies with both large organisations and SMEs across the UK, and we welcome the help of the unions in publicising these consultations to their members, ensuring a wide reach.  Our Professional Competencies detail ‘A day in the life of’ the roles covered and so it’s essential that their content is informed by practitioners regularly carrying out the tasks described.

We are currently reviewing our Professional Competencies for Pension Scheme Administration (plus a review of our Professional Competencies for Compliance & Anti-money Laundering) and these projects will be of particular interest to union members.

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