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Finance, accountancy and financial services are some of the UK’s most successful sectors and are central to our economy. Benefits of working in the sector include:


  • Benefits and prospects
    Talented employees are in constant demand and can receive attractive benefits and promotion prospects.
  • Variety
    There is a great variety of distinct career paths.
  • Challenge
    The nature and demands of the sector mean that you will be intellectually challenged throughout your entire career.
  • Development
    There are plenty of exciting training and development opportunities available to help your career stay on track.
  • Job statisfaction
    Many roles have a direct impact on people’s day-to-day financial affairs, a source of real career satisfaction.
  • Worldwide opportunities
    The sector is global and there are growing opportunities to travel and work abroad. 


Employers require that you understand the industry, and the roles available to you. Make the most of the careers resources available on Directions to do your research.

Find out mor eabout each sector:

  Accountancy and finance
  Banks and building societies
  Financial planning
  Investment Management and pensions


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