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The Financial Skills Partnership (FSP) is a strategic, impartial, employer-led organisation which aims to enhance professionalism, attract and develop talent for finance, accountancy and financial services across the nations and regions of the UK.  Union involvement is fundamental to our work, and these are some of the areas in which we have a close collaboration with the unions.


The complexities of the qualifications landscape has been likened to an 'Alphabet Soup'. In our role as Solutions Facilitator we aim to provide a more simplified skills structure and to provide guidance for union members on accreditation of excellence, training on meeting new regulation and Training & Competence good practice guidance.

Liaise with policy makers

As a Funding Navigator, we recognise the importance of access to funding, particularly for Apprenticeships. We provide guidance on what funding is available, and if we find a lack of funding we lobby on behalf of our partners, including trade unions, to find solutions. Unions tell us what their members need and we can reflect this in our representations.

An example of this role saw us successfully lobby Skills Development Scotland on the need for Apprenticeship funding for those aged 20+ after this was withdrawn in April 2008. As a result, 560 Modern Apprenticeship places were made available by the Scottish Government and Jennie Cornwall, Qualifications Centre Manager at Standard Life commented: "The FSP have played a vital role in supporting businesses to be able to offer training and qualifications in financial services to our staff. This should not only allow staff to further develop their competence and strengths, but should also translate into increased customer confidence in their abilities."

We are an impartial Sector Advocate and we talk to people across our industry to understand their key talent issues – and what needs to be done to solve them. Our expertise in recruitment services, education liaison, qualifications and professional competencies makes us ideally placed to develop unique platforms for organisations, and deliver solutions to fill skills gaps.

Attract the right talent

As a Talent Researcher we help all sections of the unions' membership to understand their options in joining the industry and how to progress within it. Equality and diversity is a key area of our work, including our successful Through the Glass Ceiling Programme, and our unionlearn Quality Award reflects our engagement with the unions in the design and development of our Directions online careers multi-media guide.


Liz Field, Chief Executive of the FSP says: "We have developed a clear strategy, which we can achieve through a strong spirit of collaboration; this includes close joint working with the Unions working in our industry. Union representatives are active members of our careers panels and sit on our main Board. I look forward to continuing our strong collaboration with the Unions."

John Earls, Research Section Head of Unite the Union and an FSP Board Director adds: "I look forward to exploring with the FSP how trade unions can work with it to help deliver the skills needs of the sector and those who work in it. Unions, and union learning representatives, have a terrific record in the promotion and delivery of learning and skills."



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