Qualifications are important for gaining employment within the finance, accountancy and financial services sectors, and for moving forward within them.  Relevant qualifications include Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQs), competence qualifications, the Diploma in Business, Administration & Finance, technical certificates and other vocational qualifications.  A wide range of professional qualifications also appear on the Appropriate Examination List and Recommended Examination List.   

How we work with the unions

We work closely with the unions to ensure that qualifications meet the needs of their members – both organisations and individuals.  We also need to ensure that the right qualifications are eligible for public funding and we consult with the unions on this. Where we receive feedback that qualifications don’t meet the needs of unions’ members, we report back to the relevant awarding bodies so that the comments can be taken into account during future qualification reviews.

We can also direct union members towards our Professional Competencies (National Occupational Standards) which can be used as a demonstrable means for measuring competence in a wide range of job roles.

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