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There are many job serch methods.  The best results are obtained by combining several approaches..


  Be clear 
It is essential that you research and take time to discover the career you really want to pursue; you will never convince an employer to give you a job which you know little about. Visit the Directions High Street to navigate the world of finance, accountancy and financial services.

  Be resourceful 
Prepare for the challenge like an athlete! You may find it useful to have a plan of action for: CV writing, interview preparation and assessment centres practice. Use proactive job search tactics, such as networking, to reach people who may be able to offer you a job.

 Be alert 
Opportunities are not often found in the most obvious places; Keep on top of your job search and persevere. Finding the right job can take time and if your searches are unsuccessful, don’t be discouraged and try a new strategy.


  Job search websites
  Recruitment agencies
  Employers websites
  Newspapers and trade magazines
  Speculative letters
  Job fairs


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