Women and Work

Women and Work is a multi-sector programme under which Sector Skills Councils bid for funding to run projects to help address the gender imbalance in their sector. For the last two years the FSP (and formerly FSSC) has been running its “Through the Glass Ceiling” programme. A group of senior women from across Finance, Accountancy and Financial Services participate in a series of five monthly training sessions using cutting edge techniques designed to help women acquire the ability to move up the career ladder. Each training topic is followed by an individual coaching session to help the delegates put theory into practice.

The current programme started in September 2010 and runs through to January 2011. The feedback from delegates has been excellent, with comments such as "Never done anything that made such a big impact on the way I think and act". Subject to funding, we hope to run the programme again in 2011.

How we work with the Unions

We are happy to receive nominations for the “Through the Glass Ceiling” programme from unions. Whilst the main gender imbalance in our sector is at senior management level, there are also imbalances at other levels in the different sub-sectors. Under the FSP’s Equality and Diversity policy, we are committed “to achieve a workforce that reflects, at all levels, the diversity of the UK’s population”, so we will be working with the unions to bid for future funding, under Women and Work and other programmes, to create projects that will help address these imbalances. Our aim is to see the progression, not just of women, but of all under-represented groups. 

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