Background to M&L

Background to Management & Leadership

Research with employers carried out by the FSP shows that the management and leadership gap is considered the most important issue facing the industry. It is common across all sectors, relevant to all occupations and involves all staff. In addition, women in management experience further challenges and we often read in the press about the obstacles facing senior women such as the pay gap between men and women and the fact that fewer women are put forward for promotions despite having similar experience to their male counterparts. The FSP believes that this important issue needs to be addressed. Thanks to funding from the UKCES (The UK Commission for Employment and Skills), the FSP has recently completed "Through the Glass Ceiling" training & personal coaching programme for senior women. 

In conjunction with the other Sector Skills Councils, the Alliance of Sector Skills Councils together with the Management Standards Centre has developed Management and Leadership Standards to deal with recent management issues such as the increased number of corporate failures, poor leadership and the fact that only 20% of managers and leaders in the UK have a relevant management qualification. As part of this development, a number of solutions are available which are aimed at managers who want to improve the performance of their business, for example to improve productivity, serve customers better and bring out the best in their people. These include the Action Learning and Inspirational Leadership Programmes and have been developed in order to improve employers' management and leadership effectiveness and to accelerate their organisations' competitiveness and performance. Furthermore, a document with a selection of general Management and Leadership diagnostic tools used by staff to be undertaken specifically by managers has been created.



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