We undertake a continuous programme of research to provide our industry, stakeholders and partners with useful information on skills needs throughout the UK.  This includes quarterly labour market intelligence reports in accountancy and finance at regional level for each of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, focusing on employment trends by age, gender, and full-time / self-employed, plus an overview of core skills for that area and a three year growth forecast.

Our Skills Assessment reports aim to highlight the current and future skills priorities within financial services and accountancy, and the finance function within organisations operating in the private, public and not-for-profit sector across the nations of the UK. 

Another important piece of research is our annual Skills Survey, which aims to establish the views of employers on the skills required by the finance, accountancy and financial services sectors, and how well the education system meets their needs.

We aim to consult with the unions on all our research work and this is particularly important as the findings of our surveys can help us influence government and funding agencies in the areas of skills and training.  These are areas which we recognise as being important to the unions and their members.

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