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Accountancy and finance

England accounted for 88 per cent of the UK’s accountancy and finance employment, between April to June 2010.

Most were employed in the finance function across industry and commerce and the public and not-for-profit sectors. In terms of occupation, almost half were employed as qualified accountants.


Labour Market Intelligence (LMI)

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Financial services

Compared to any other UK nation’s financial services, output is highest in England and the sector is led by banking, exchanges, brokerage and insurance.

Financial services are a vital part of each regional economy in the UK, although there are considerable regional differences in the structure of the sector. Nowhere is this more evident than when comparing the financial services industry in London with the rest of the country.

On a regional level, London, the North West, the East of England and the South East regions account for over just over half of the sector’s workforce. The biggest contributor to the sector’s output in England is London followed by the South East.


Labour Market Intelligence (LMI)

Download:England - Financial Services (pdf)
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