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 Our latest users survey conducted in 2010 include the following results:

  88% agree or strongly agree that Directions online resources helped them gain a better understanding of the range of careers available in the finance, accounting and financial services.
  88% agree or strongly agree that Directions has filled a gap in the careers information market.
  98% agree or strongly agree that they would recommend Directions to colleagues.


Quotes and feedback from Directions users and collaborators:

"I very recently discovered the Directions website and I think it’s terrific.  Although it may not have been your intention, the role description, list of tasks and competences needed for each employment category give a fascinating insight into the competitive bases and dynamics of the multitude of sectors making up the financial services industry….This is such a fine piece of work; someone has gone to great trouble to set all this career information out in such detail."
Professor, Management & Strategy, EDHEC Business School, Nice 


 "My careers colleagues and I use the Directions website frequently, signposting many students across a range of years and courses to it: we value it highly as a resource."
Careers Adviser, Queen Mary, University of London   


"I really like the PDF factsheets. I also like the High Street bit - I think it's a very great idea to include support services like marketing and HR within your job roles, as students often don't think about the whole picture. Links to external organisations is good - especially relevant news items and reports."
Careers Adviser, University of York


Superb website - easy and fun to use, informative and avoids confusing jargon. (It) should become a model for other careers sites. Take a bow!!
Careers Adviser, Northern Ireland EGSA


 "I just received the Directions e-bulletin.  The video profiles are useful and I really like the high street idea - and many thanks for the employability links.  Very useful stuff!!"
Student Services Manager, City College Birmingham  


"The website is particularly useful in its emphasis on the variety of roles and the skills required and the importance of SMEs in the sector."
Senior Careers Consultant, University of Leeds


 "I am a lecturer at Queen's University Belfast and I have found the Directions High Street a very useful tool for informing students about potential careers in Finance." Lecturer, Queen’s University, Belfast  


"Directions is the first website where the financial services industry has come together to define its jobs and roles. For anyone wanting to find out more, such as students, teachers and careers advisers, it provides a wealth of information to help our new workforce decide what positions may best suit them.”
Mike Smith, Learning and Development Manager, Chaucer Insurance


 "Your presentation and Directions have been fantastic resources for me. I have delivered your talk to interested girls and showed them the website and have incorporated the Money Tree Game into my careers scheme of work for girls to use in lessons. So thank you very much! I wish there were more resources like this for us to use."
Head of Careers, Channing School


"I will immediately use the Money Tree Game with my learners, and use the website with individuals to encourage them to research more into this field."
Careers Adviser, Lead Scotland




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