Accreditation Schemes




Our accreditation schemes contain industry standards, developed through industry consultation and based on best practices.

There were four schemes. These schemes are now closed to new applicants. However the Later Life Adviser scheme is now run by the Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA).


Later Life Adviser Accreditation scheme

To provide recognition to financial advisers who have an enhanced understanding of the specific issues relating to older clients and can give appropriate advice to meet their needs.
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Accreditation of Training Excellence for Firms

This was for firms who show how investment in internal training and development produced a solid business outcome. It gave independent acknowledgement of the benefits investment in T&D produced for your firm.


Accreditation of Training Excellence for Providers

For firms who delivered quality training to their clients.

The Training Quality Standard (TQS) aims is to recognise the delivery of high quality employer responsive training. The assessment framework is divided into two parts A & B. Our existing Accreditation of Training Excellent for Providers scheme is recognised by the SFA as being equivalent but not the same as a part B of the Training Quality Standard.



FSSC Recognised Trainer (Discontinued)

For trainers who wished to maximise their business potential within the financial services sector and gain public and internal recognition for the quality training you deliver.




Training Quality Standard for Training Providers and Employers

As part of our commitment to the quality improvement of the training provision offered for the finance, accountancy and financial services sectors, we are supporting the uptake of the Training Quality Standard for institutions and providers working with employers within our sectors.




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