The Skills Bill

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The Skills Bill

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The Sector Skills Agreement for the financial services industry

Working alongside employers, training providers and funding bodies, the Financial Skills Partnership (FSP) has now completed the Sector Skills Agreement for Financial services branded The Skills Bill.

The work has been carried out in five carefully planned stages to create an action plan that sets out the skills employers need, and how to supply and fund them, to improve their business performance.



This Sector Skills Agreement (SSA) is a UK-wide agreement designed to address the major skills issues facing the industry.

An agreement has been created for each of the four nations and will be signed up to by employers, providers and those that fund education and training.

It's not an isolated piece of work. Many of the projects we're already undertaking are driven by what employers say are needed for the skills development and productivity of the industry, such as the New Diplomas and Foundation Degrees.

The SSA seeks to bring employers’ needs to the forefront to influence and change Government policy.



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