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Welsh Baccalaureate

Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification

The Welsh Baccalaureate (WBQ or Welsh Bacc) is a qualification available in schools and colleges across Wales for the 14-19 year olds.

A Flexible qualification

The emphasis is on learning through doing, combining personal development skills with established courses/programmes. It allows more flexibility in your studies, whatever mix is followed.

What is covered on the course

To be awarded the qualification two elements must be completed a 'Core' Programme of development studies along with 'Options'.

'Core' - consisting of five components including

  • Essential skills Wales

Develop transferable skills through the other

  • Wales, Europe and the World

Lean about Wales and its relationship with Europe and the World

  • Work-related education

Work with an employer and take part in a team enterprise activity

  • Personal and Social Education

Explore issues in the modern world, family, health, relationships, citizenship and sustainable development.

  • Individual Investigation

Carry out an individual research project into an area of interest

'Options' selected from established, approved courses/programmes for example GCSEs or AS/A Levels, Principal Learning and Project and an additional qualification at an appropriate level, BTEC or NVQs.

Principal Learning and Project Qualification within the Welsh Baccalaureate

The Principal Learning qualification allows you to learn through a mix of classroom study and hands-on practical work and has three levels; foundation, higher, advanced.

Principal Learning: the development of these qualifications with employers has been led by the Financial Skills Partnership (FSP) with support from the Council for Administration with an emphasis on practical activities. They could be used together with or instead of other approved qualifications.

For Business, Administration and Finance subjects covered include: Business enterprise: You'll learn about entrepreneurs and innovation), Business Administration: the importance of administrative systems and Finance: Types of financial services and products, financial roles, accounting processes.

Project: offers the opportunity to carry out an individual project related to their studies, or an area of interest, which providing it meets the specification , could be an alternative for the Individual Investigation within the Core element of the qualification.

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