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"I have worked for Skandia for eight years and in the time that I have been doing my Apprenticeship I have had more thanks, acknowledgements, promotion and awards than I have ever had in the whole time I have worked in the company."
Sally - Skandia Life

You can benefit from an Apprenticeship by:

  • earning money, working and being trained with new skills and knowledge and achieving qualifications at the same time 
  • enjoying a fast-track route from entry to management roles and/or professional qualification/a foundation/honours degree 

Earn and Learn

Apprenticeships provide the perfect way to earn while you learn, achieving professional qualifications and skills whilst working. They will help you gain a deeper understanding of the sector you will be working in, through a structured development programme which will enhance your career progression.

  • Progression to a foundation degree/bachelors degree 
  • Progression on to new job roles, such as management, technical or specialist 
  • Higher level professional qualifications 
  • In-house training and development programmes 

What is an Apprenticeship?

An Apprenticeship is a programme of learning and development, completed in the workplace that provides the skills, knowledge and competence needed to progress in a chosen career or industry.

Apprenticeships provide individuals with a mixture of on and off-the-job training while they are being paid. As employees, apprentices work alongside experienced staff to gain job-specific skills. Off-the-job, apprentices receive training to acquire the knowledge to underpin their practical work-based skills. Apprenticeships can be funded for those aged 16 and above. In England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland there are two levels of Apprenticeships:

In addition to the above, there are now Level 4 Higher Apprenticeships available in England, Wales and Scotland.

In Scotland there are also Modern Apprenticeships at Level 5. For more information on Scottish Modern Apprenticeships, please click here.

Are there any entry requirements?

Although Apprenticeships do not have particular entry requirement other than an interest in the sector and the ability and motivation to succeed and complete the programme, individual companies may have their own requirements such as GCSEs and may look for:

  • a motivation to succeed within a career in finance, accounting & financial services
  • self discipline and enthusiasm 
  • a willingness to learn and apply that learning in the workplace 
  • the ability to demonstrate that you have the potential to complete the qualifications which are part of the apprenticeship programme 
  • a willingness to communicate effectively with a range of people 
  • enjoyment of being part of a team 
  • enjoyment of solving problems 
  • organisational skills and ability to work within deadlines 
  • the ability to work logically and methodically. 

How long does it take to complete an Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships typically take twelve to eighteen months and the Advanced & Higher Apprenticeships take two years to complete, depending on the type of apprenticeship.

As an Apprentice you will have the same responsibilities to your employer as any other employee. In addition you will have a range of commitments to your training programme:

  • Observing the company's terms and conditions of employment 
  • Agreeing a training/development plan with all the parties involved 
  • Undertaking development in line with agreed training plan 
  • Attending meetings with trainers, assessors and verifiers as required 
  • Attending training where required 
  • Developing a collection of evidence (portfolio) and retaining ownership of this throughout

For more information on the FSP Apprenticeship frameworks, please visit the Framework section.


Find an Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships are a government funded programme. You can find an Apprenticeship place in a number of ways, such as:




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