Learning with the unions

The Union Learning Fund was set up by government in 1998 to support union-led projects promoting learning at the workplace.

The main initiatives supported are the development of union learning representatives (ULRs) and union learning centres, and the promotion of lifelong learning.  In the early days the main emphasis was on basic skills, but this has expanded to encompass Continuing Professional Development and higher level learning.  Further information can be found here.

Unions are also encouraged to work closely with the relevant Sector Skills Councils such as the FSP to help secure the commitment of employers to training their workers.

The types of support available from unions, unionlearn and ULRs include:

Unions aim to engage in formal collective bargaining with employers on all aspects of training, and to establish formal learning agreements which set out the basis of the organisation’s learning agenda.  Further information can be found here.

How we can support union learning projects

Visit unionlearn.

Find out about how a learning agreement works at the National Australia Group

NAG learning agreement (pdf, 167KB)





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