Sector Qualifications Strategy

Sector Qualifications Strategies


The FSP has begun a comprehensive review and prioritisation of qualifications and learning provision across the sector and the four nations of the UK. The work follows on directly from the Sector Skills Agreement (SSA) process and will provide the information necessary to develop a Sector Qualifications Strategy (SQS) outlining the provision, which will meet employer need.

SQSs are a key mechanism for the delivery of the Leitch vision of employer driven skills supply. FSP will be consulting extensively with employers and stakeholders to define a shared vision of qualifications and learning provisions based on the picture of skills needs established through the SSA.



Financial Services


The approved SQS can be downloaded here. This is the outcome of work over a five month period from October 07 to February 08 and is an overarching strategic document, broad in scope, that reviews current provision, highlights the needs of the sector and sets out the sector's vision for the future in relation to qualifications and other learning provision.

Action Plans

The Action Plan, which has been refreshed and approved by UKCES, identifies specific qualifications and qualifications-related activities and can be downloaded here.

The bigger picture

The Sector Qualifications Strategy is one part of a much bigger programme to reform the vocational qualifications system in the UK. The UK Vocational Qualification Reform Programme (UKVQRP) involves all the UK Qualifications Regulatory Authorities, Government Departments, funding agencies and Awarding Bodies in a series of related projects which will:

  • Change the framework for qualifications and the way qualifications are delivered and funded 
  • Rationalise existing qualifications available to the sector where required
  • Define the qualifications and learning needed to enter and progress within the sector


Accountancy and Finance


The SQS has been submitted to UKCES for approval and a copy can be found here.

Action Plan

A UK-wide Action Plan has been drafted, identifying the specific activities, timescales and responsibilities necessary to achieve the vision of the future.

It can be downloaded here.

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