BAF Diploma

The Diploma in Business, Administration and Finance has been developed to ensure young people aged 14-19 in England have a challenging, exciting and motivating experience, which will engage and prepare them for work by combining the development of transferable skills with theoretical and technical knowledge and understanding.

Schools and colleges will deliver the Diploma but need to be involved with employers locally to ensure a relevant, realistic and up to date curriculum is sourced from employers. Employers can support the delivery of the Diploma while increasing their reputation and profile assisting young people to develop the skills and attributes necessary for success. The Diploma offers a real-world insight into the workplace and provides transferable skills that are an excellent springboard to continue training and development.

BAF will be available in selected schools and colleges England wide from September 2009. The first graduates will be ready to enter higher education, employment or Apprenticeships from September 2011. Development of the Diploma has been led by the Financial Skills Partnership (FSP) in association with the Council for Administration.

Detailed information is available on the Diploma in Business, Administration and Finance website.




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