We develop Apprenticeship frameworks for the finance, accountancy and financial services sectors in the UK and we promote these and all Apprenticeship frameworks to employers – including notifying the Apprenticeships & Skills Funding Agency and National Apprenticeship Service about changes to or withdrawal of frameworks.

We will promote frameworks beyond the minimum requirements of the Specification of Apprenticeship Standards for England and Wales (SASE/W) and we will be an issuing authority from 6 April 2011 whereby we will issue SASE/W frameworks developed by employers, providers and awarding bodies providing they do not duplicate an existing framework.

How we work with the unions

We value the unions’ input in initiatives such as the new Apprenticeship standards / frameworks and our new Apprentice workbook which covers an employee’s rights and responsibilities.  We are also happy to provide the Unions with information when they want input from our provider network on questionnaires or other work that they are doing.  We’re pleased that the unions have become much more involved in the Apprenticeship arena since the publication of the new Apprenticeship standards in England and Wales and there will be opportunities to discuss further involvement of union representatives in the workplace.

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